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Unfinished Lancaster Bedroom Group

Unfinished Lancaster Bedroom Group


The Lancaster bedroom offers your choice of Queen, King, Ful, or twin beds. With over 11 case pieces to chose from, this set offers flexibility to chose exactly what you want. Picured: Panel bed: 6-Drawer Chest (BD-7006) – 30.5w x 18d x 49.5h; 9-Drawer Dresser (BD-7019) – 50.5w x 18d x 36h; 1-Drawer Nightstand (BD-7001) – 20w x 18d x 25.5h; 3-Drawer Nightstand (BD-7013) – 20w x 18d x 29h; 3-Drawer Hideaway Nightstand (BD-7023) – 19.5w x 16.5d x 23.5h. Other options available are 5-Drawer Chest, 5-Drawer Lingerie; 3-Drawer Chest, Mirror, and 10-Drawer Dresser.


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