Why Going to a Furniture Store is Better Than Buying Online

Buying Furniture In-Store

It’s no secret that many individuals prefer online shopping rather than heading off to their local furniture store. Honestly, can you really beat buying your favorite items while you chill in your pajamas and binge-watch your favorite TV shows? While online shopping has a plethora of benefits, you truly have to look out for untrustworthy sites and other dilemmas that can arise from this easy form of shopping. Most importantly, not every item out there should be bought online.  If you are looking for a furniture store in Nashville, TN or Knoxville, TN with a great selection of furniture, visit Oak Factory Outlet today! Oak Factory Outlet is a family-owned and operated furniture store offering one of the largest selections of American Made Furniture in middle Tennessee!  Contact our furniture store in Nashville to learn more!

Take furniture for example; whether it’s a new bed, couch, or dining room table, home furniture should always be bought in store and here’s why:


  • What you see is not what you always get: When online shopping for furniture, sometimes, you don’t always get what you ordered. Pictures could be augmented, the color could be off, or the size isn’t accurate to what was listed. When you shop in-store, you’re getting exactly what you paid for. You can touch the product, inspect it, measure it, etc. to ensure that it’s the exact piece for you. Pictures can be very misleading, so it’s highly recommended that you shop in store for the best results.


  • Delivery can be expensive: Free shipping for large pieces of furniture is a rarity for high-quality stores. This is especially true if you are ordering furniture from a store that’s in cross country or in a different continent altogether. When buying in-store, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. If the piece of furniture you selected is small enough, you can take it right from the store the moment you purchase it. If they are larger pieces, many stores deliver it to your door for no additional price.


  • Assembly: Instead of bringing home an already-assembled set of furniture from the store, many furniture pieces that are bought online will have to be assembled upon delivery. For those who aren’t as handy as others, this means staring at poorly written directions for hours wondering why B8 isn’t fitting into C5 like the directions say. Why spend endless hours in frustration when you can spend only a few minutes of placing your newly bought furniture in the perfect spot?


  • Misleading reviews: While it’s natural to put your trust in others who have purchased the same furniture piece you’re currently looking at, sometimes, you can’t always trust what you read. It’s important to remember that one reviewer’s standards don’t always match up to your own. You may purchase furniture that you think is of great quality only to find out that it isn’t as great as it was said to be online.


For the best possible outcome, it’s highly recommended that you make big purchases like furniture in-store rather than online. Buying in-store allows you to fully immerse yourself in the lovely, handcrafted pieces of furniture and find the perfect option for your home.