Nashville Furniture Store Shares How To Achieve a Rustic Look Throughout Your Home

The warm, inviting appeal of the rustic style is a design trend that’s growing more popular within homes. The rustic style home is one that’s filled with character and charm while incorporating other styles to complete its look. Within many homes, you’ll find a tasteful combination of either rustic-modern styles or rustic-farmhouse, both of which paint a picture of nature and beauty. The best part? You don’t need to live in rural, country regions to achieve this stylish and inviting look. City, country, or beach town, the rustic look can be easily incorporated throughout any home. Contact our furniture store in Nashville, TN, to fnd the pieces you need to create the look you want!

The Rundown on the Rustic

As the rustic style is trending upwards in the world of interior decor, more and more homeowners are giving them homes well-deserved makeover to reflect this timeless look. To perfect the rustic style, you’ll need weathered/distressed finishes, exposed elements (stone, brick, wood), wood furniture or accent pieces, warm colors, and textured fabrics. Here’s how you can use these elements:

Warm Colors: A neutral and warm color palette throughout your home, is the perfect start to achieving the rustic style. Considering incorporating a mix of soft grays, beiges, whites, tans, and even a pop of earthy greens. The key to rustic is to fully embrace the look of nature. How you implement these colors is entirely up to you. We suggest keeping it light in the kitchen and bedrooms and adding a dramatic touch to your living space. 

Weathered and Distressed: An important element to the rustic look is weathered and distressed materials/ furniture. For example, distressed wood pieces and a worn leather look will inspire the aura of rustic beauty in no time. If you want to start off small, we suggest incorporating chic and weathered wooden picture frames. However, if you’re looking to commit to this lovely decor, timeless wooden accents go a long way. Consider investing in wooden flooring or wooden furniture that exude that cabin feel. 

Exposed Elements: Whether you decided to incorporate this within your home or throughout your home’s exterior, exposed elements are the perfect way to tie the rustic look together. From exposed brick, wood, and stone, the options for this unique design element are endless. Consider constructing a stone-walled fireplace within your home, or even some lovely wooden beams throughout your living room. 

For more small touches, find a few throw pillows that are neutral toned, yet feature a unique texture. You can also accomplish a lot with rugs that contrast the smoothness of your wooden furniture. Combine all these elements together, and you will create the perfect rustic atmosphere throughout your home.