Why Real Wood Furniture Triumphs Laminate and Veneer

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Types of furniture

In the search for quality furniture for your home, there are so many different styles and materials to consider. Even if you love the timeless and elegant look of wooden furniture, there are plenty of different wood types and finishes to select from. However, before selecting the perfect wood furniture for your home, you’ll want to consider this: are you interested in investing in classic, real wood, laminate, or veneer? Although all these furniture types have their own sets of pros and cons, anyone will tell you that real wood furniture is the way to go. With their unique patterns, durability, and endless options for color staining, real wood furniture certainly triumphs laminate and veneer furniture pieces.

Here are a few reasons why real wood furniture is better than laminate or veneer:

Higher Quality: Since real wood furniture pieces come in a variety of wood types and finish options, it’s one of the best materials to create furniture from. Whether it’s oak, pine, maple, or cherry wood, you can guarantee that your furniture pieces will be of the highest quality that’s long-lasting. Unlike real wood, laminate tends to be of much lower quality since it’s made from synthetic materials.

Increased Value: Another fantastic quality of real wood furniture is that its value only increases as time goes on. If you think that you won’t have these furniture pieces forever, rest assured that you will be able to sell them for a premium price. Unfortunately, this is not something you can do with laminate or veneer because they actually decrease in value as they get older.

Character: Since wood furniture comes from harvested wood sources, it’s emanating with character. With real wood furniture, you’ll find that no two pieces are alike, each with their own unique patterns. In terms of veneer and laminate, neither of these materials have the charm of character since they are manufactured.

Potential for Restoration: Real wood furniture pieces will always have the potential for restoration down the line. Over time wood furniture will accumulate a few scratches and minor dings, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Restoration processes will make your furniture look like it’s brand new. Since laminate is made of synthetic materials, they cannot be restored. Not to mention, both veneer and laminate scratch very easily.

Long Lasting: With excellent strength and durability, wood furniture pieces are built to last years and years. It’s also very common for families to pass down their wood furniture pieces since they stay in such great shape. Laminate and veneer don’t have the lifespan that real wood has and typically are not meant for permanence.

As you can see, real wood furniture is the true contender. With an excellent reputation as a high-quality furniture material, real wood furniture is the option you definitely want to select for your home. Visit our furniture store in Nashville, TN or Knoxville, TN, to see a large selection of real wood furniture, bedroom furniture, dining furniture, kitchen islands, wood desks and bookcases and much more! Our furniture stores also offer a large assortment of unfinished home furnishings and decorations.  Come see us, today!