Interior Design Elements To Make Oak Furniture Stand Out

Do you have beautiful oak furniture in your home but are looking for a way to give it more dimension? With design trends constantly changing, it’s important to keep with the flow and adjust your interior design elements to match the look you are going for. However, if there is one thing that hasn’t changed in the world of home design, it’s the beauty that wooden elements bring to a home, oak furniture included.  If you are looking for new oak furniture, look no further than our furniture store in Knoxville, TN and Nashville, TN. We carry a large selection of real wood furniture, bedroom furniture, dining furniture, and so much more! Owners Don and Eileen White comb through 30 plus vendors at multiple furniture shows each year to bring you the highest quality furniture for the best prices on the market. Contact Oak Factory Outlet furniture store in Nashville and Knoxville, today!

Here are a few interior design elements that you can incorporate into your home to make your oak furniture stand out


Find Common Undertones: If you look closely at your oak furniture, you’ll notice that it’s not one, whole color, it actually boasts some beautiful undertones. This is a feature that most wood pieces have in common. To make your oak furniture stand out, consider featuring it with other wooden elements that have the same beautiful, natural undertone. In a room that provides ample natural light, these wood elements will coincide beautifully and give the room the perfect dose of aesthetics.

Different Textures: Sometimes, the best way to make your oak furniture shine is by mixing it with different textures. For example, if most of your oak furniture is a darker shade, then consider matching it with design pieces that have a lighter, rustic look. Or if you have wood flooring that’s a sleek, rich dark chocolate color in your kitchen, add an oak kitchen table that features varying textures and light hues.

High Contrast: Colors with higher contrast levels also work sufficiently to make your oak furniture stand out. This can be done with either a simple coat of paint, decorative pieces, art, curtains, drapes, etc. Achieving high contrast with your oak furniture can also be completed with different wooden elements. That’s right, design-wise, it’s more than okay to mix different wooden pieces to bring a room together. If you have touches of oak furniture, adding a dark wood elemental piece as a focal point can really highlight the beauty of your light, oak furniture. Or, if you insist on keeping your oak furniture as the only wood element in your home, then consider matching it with a color scheme that will make it pop. For instance, if the furniture in your bedroom is made from oak, then try painting your walls a color that gives contrast to your furniture while boasting a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere–think light purples with grey undertones, cool blues, greens, and grays.

Neutral Colors and Greenery: Oak can be highlighted and complemented in a room that features a neutral color scheme with simple textures. For a neutral color palette, consider incorporating shades of light grey, eggshell, tans, nudes, etc. Additionally, to make your natural oak furniture pop in each room, add a touch of greenery such as succulents, sunflowers, and other plants and flowers that boast shades of green.

With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to boost the aesthetics of your home and make your oak furniture shine beautifully.