Choosing Furniture for Your Home

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Your home is your castle and the furniture inside should be fit for a King and Queen. Here are some tips on selecting the right furniture for your royal abode.

Furniture and its function

The first factor in deciding whether a piece of furniture stays or goes is its function. Ask yourself what furniture is needed – the different activities carried out in a particular room require specific furniture (beds for bedrooms, seating for a living room, dining furniture, etc.). Consider each person in your home – does one person love a cozy lounge chair? Do you need extra storage for all of your children’s toys? After thinking about those basic questions, pay special attention to the following aspects.

The basic furniture for every room

Each room or space of the house has specific uses and therefore needs specific furniture. These spaces are organized according to their activities: the dining room to eat, the living room to rest or as a meeting place, the bedroom to sleep, and so on. If you’re starting to make your list of furniture, start by deciding what type of furniture you need depending on the room and thinking about alternatives. For example, you can opt for bedside tables for bedroom furniture in your sleeping area or go a different route. You might want to hide the TV away or not want one in your bedroom at all or desire a reading area with a cozy seat and good lighting. Of course, everything is also subject to the square footage you have in each room.

Bedroom furniture – Define your personal needs 

An environment, such as a bedroom, has different needs according to those who use it. For bedroom furniture, one person needs a single bed, whereas a kids’ room for two brothers will need two single beds or a bunk bed. We have a large selection of bedroom furniture at our furniture store in Nashville, TN, and Knoxville, TN.

Bedroom furniture needs can also get more specific. The kids’ room for siblings may require two night tables or a larger surface for studying. Thus you can customize the list of bedroom furniture needed for your project. It is important to stop and think what the users’ really need, and how to resolve the issue of furniture to make day-to-day life more comfortable for everyone.

Complementary furniture

In order to carry out certain activities, some complementary furniture pieces are also needed, such as storage pieces, which are essential to maintaining order.

A room may need a large library if its inhabitants are book collectors, or perhaps a desk, a table for a computer, a TV cabinet, wood bookcases and so on. For dining furniture, you can choose to place a cabinet for utensils that are not stored in the kitchen, such as fine tableware and cutlery, glasses, etc.

Size, dimensions, and shape of furniture for home

Once you’ve defined what furniture is needed, size and shape come into play. Practicality, aesthetics, style and the space available should be considered.

Practical considerations are directly related to the furniture’s function, although specifications for each piece should be defined – for example, how many drawers are needed in a chest of drawers? How many guests will the dining table need to support?

Plastic considerations (aesthetics) are related to the integrated space design. For example, if the furniture will be straight or curved, if space requires tall or low furniture, etc.

Finally, as mentioned above, space determines the size of the furniture and also the distribution of the same. The different pieces of furniture have to always be related to the space before buying them. Check to see if their sizes are appropriate for the overall design – for example, a sectional may not be the best choice for a small living area. Also, the physical space of the room and the ways furniture can be placed need to be considered, such as the size of a window or proximity to a door.

Now, you have some ideas about how to choose furniture for your home. You can come in to our furniture store in Nashville, TN and Knoxville, TN, talk to us, and get the guidance you need to make the best furniture choice for you.